Charts for your data scans 🤸‍♂️

You can now streamline historical charts for your data scans. It's done automatically with Spikeet!

Unlimited Charts!

Pull Historical Data Then View The Charts.

The charts are linked to all of your results that were populated in the spreadsheet.

Pull data via Spikeet Data Platform

Input your criteria to pull historical data into spreadsheets, with our no-code platform.

Charts are linked to your data results

After successfully populating data into your spreadsheet the platform will render charts for your results.

View many charts at once!

if your data scan populated 10K tickers - you'll be able to stream 10K charts all at once and from 1 place!

Interact With Your Charts

Add your indicators and studies across all charts

Interactive Charts

Add Indicators, Change time-frames.

Add as many Indicators as you need such as VWAP or the 20MA, and adjust the chart to any time frme like the 1-minute chart, the 5min or the Daily chart.

Popular Feature

Sync Multiple Charts At Once.

After analyzing your charts and adding your indicators sync all settings across hundreds of charts.


Run your historical data scans and view all of your linked charts!