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The Path to Beating The Market...

Gather Loads of Data

Start by gathering all the data you can find on your strategy, having a large enough data sample.

Evaluate Your Strategy

Based on the data you collected, start analyzing it and finding your edge in the market.

Trade With an Edge

After having a factual and proven Edge, you can safely start putting your money on the line.

Built For Traders, To Save You Time and Make You Profitable

Tired of manualy tracking data? Want access to loads of financial data?
You have come to the right place!
We solve all your data needs and let you focus on the trading instead of the data tracking.

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Services We Provide

High quality, historical financial data, with automatic daily updates
No coding, no python and no headaches. Extremely fast and easy to use.

What You Get

Spreadsheets that are generated through our advanced database engine.

Filter and select exactly what you need with our custom made filtering.

Here are some examples:

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Apply Many Different Data Filters:

Some Of The Data Points You Can Retrieve:

Pricing Plans

Monthly based subscriptions. Cancel anytime, no hidden fees.

For custom solutions, enterprise use and extra data-sets contact us

Data Plans

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15 Years of Historical Data.


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